3M Graphic Systems Evolution

Some Charts Showing How it all Came together

Revised: July 17, 2016

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Here are some Division-Level "Evolution" Charts Showing Many Acquisitions and Mergings Along the Way

I really don't know exactly how one would title each diagram, because so muach was going on.
As one of the people who spent a significant portion of their career in the "Computer Graphics/Data Retrieval Systems/COM" world, I feel a little saddened that the only mention of that whole era on these charts is the acquisition of Gould-Betacom in 1978.

ESSD Evolution
Duplicating Products Evolution
Office Systems Evolution
Engineering Systems Evolution
Copying-Microfilm Integration
Printing and Imaging Systems Evolution
Here's a scan of a 1982 3M Megaphone newsletter showing the annoucemnt of the (New, I think) Information Systems Group under Scotty McArthur.

3M Information Systems Group