Problem Solving, Decsion making and Effective Presentation Skills

---or "How to effectively deal with whatever comes at you in life!"

---and Pete's thoughts on how this should be taught and learned

Last Revised: March/21/2010

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I took early retirement from 3M Company in 1996,after 33 years there. My whole business career spans 40 years now. I think I have learned a few lessons and here below, I offer some of that knowledge.
You MUST believe in what you are doing or you should get out of it! Once you DO believe in what you are doing, all you have to do is to obtain the skills needed to perform on behalf of your personal belief . Then you can not fail as you implement those skills!

Click here for The Diagnose, Solve and Sell Package:

1.)how to successfully diagnose situations,
2.)figure out what to do and then:
3.)present their solutions effectively:

Learning and Teaching Problem Solving Techniques

I think educators and schools should teach "Reasoning" at a much higher level of intensity than they do. Here are my thoughts on the subject:

My Thoughts on "inventing":

The Art of Invention