Mexican Ironwork- Avalon Grand Cancun

Revised: October 22, 2023

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We put these photo essays of ironwork out there just as way to give you more ideas to choose from when you are looking for project inspiration.
It's just an "idea book"

We have visited the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico annually for the last 15+ years. I am not much of a beach lover, so I go looking for historical things to do and for evidence of modern or older blacksmiths or blacksmith art or utility work.
Although we generally spend most of our time on the islands of Isla Mujeres and Cozumel, we always do spend a few days in and around Cancun.

You will see, if you look at my "Isla Mujeres Ironwork" page (link above), that most of the work is utilitarian rather than really "artistic" in nature. It's a mostly a Hossfeld Bender/cut-and-weld environment.
This short photo essay deals specifically with the ironwork we have seen at one of the "Cancun Strip" hotels, the Avalon Grand.
The reason I chose this hotel to review is that the ironwork here has more of an artistic flare than we have seen on Isla Mujeres. There are signs that the decorators had a plan, and that they did, indeed, hire fabricators who had some blacksmithing skills in their ranks.

The original images are roughly 1600 X 1200 pixels. If you need a larger image than the ones you see, email me.


Railing 1 Railing 1A

  Railing 1                                                                                       Railing 2


Table 1 Table 2

  Table 1                                                                                         Table 2

Table 3 Table 4

  Table 3                                                                                         Table 4

Table 5 Table 6

  Table 5                                                                                         Table 6

Table 7 Table 8

  Table 7                                                                                         Table 8

Table 9

  Table 9, with Picture Frame


Grill 1 Grill 1A

  Grill 1                                                                                           Grill 1A

Grill 2

  Grill 2


Shelving 1 Shelving 1A

  Shelving 1                                                                                           Shelving 1A


DrawerPull 1

  Drawer Pull1


Podium 1

  Poduim 1


Lamp 1

  Lamp 1

Thanks for looking!