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Last Revised: October 26, 2023

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Czech Firepot, my story about one, so far

European Style Coke Firepot

I lied a little bit in the sketch above. The one handle that moves the clinker breaker doesn't "rotate" it. That handle actually moves the clinker breaker up and down. It is called the "Air control".

We saw this firepot and the cast iron "Cheeks" for sale in the vendor area outside the Helfstyn Castle (about 15 miles from the city of Prerov, in the Czech Republic) during our 1999 ABANA tour.
I am still kicking myself for not buying one at the time. The cost of the firepot assembly was about $150 USD at the time and they told us it would cost another $150 USD to get it shipped to the USA.
I should have taken pictures, but I did not. Later in the tour, we visited some shops that used these setups and I have a few pictures that show portions of the system. That circular clinker breaker seemed to break up the clinker into dust, as it was raised and lowered, which made the residue easily removeable by opening the gate at the bottom.

European  Style  Coke Firepot
I finally found a picture of the actual firepot and here it is.
If anyone reading this knows how I could get one, please let me know!

Update, October, 2012:
!!! Well, that's what I wrote in 2010. But now I actually have one! Jonathan Nedbor, who lives about half way between New York City and Albany (New York State) had one and graciously sold and shipped it to me during October of 2012.
Boy, what a small world we live in. As we were exchanging emails about the transaction, I commented that we had seen this style of firepot while on a couple of ABANA European tours that were led by Leonard and Lilo Masters. Turns out that Jonathan has been friends with them for a long time. Wow! What fun to be able to connect like this.
Anyway, I don't need one anymore. I got mine!!!
The firepot came with 3 sets of the "cheeks" that I describe above. Apparently, the manufacturer offered cheeks of three different heights. Leonard probably ordered one of each size, A, B, and C, with "C" being the highest. But what he actually got was two sets of the "A" (lowest) cheek and one set of the "C" highest cheek.
No matter, I have 'em now and I will show the firepot off whenever I get the chance!!!
Czech Firepot with 3 sets of Cheeks

Medieval Chest

Here's a newspaper article where the reporter took a picture of the chest I am (slowly) making. I didn't find out that this had been taken or published until about a year after it occurred. When I heard about it, we went to the newspaper's office and were able to buy a copy of that issue of the newspaper for $1.50.

A few images of me as seen by others

Sketch of Pete Blacksmithing Made by Guild Member
Randy Purchase, a Guild of Metalsmiths member drew this and gave it to me about 10 years ago. I put in on my calling card.

Drawing of Pete in the Hastings Little Log House Blacksmiths Shop By 3rd Grader
Some years ago, my wife and I demonstrated old time crafts to the 3rd graders of the Northfield MN schools. We used a couple of buildings at the Bauer "Little Log House" threshing show grounds for the demonstrations. This drawing was sent to me by one of the teachers.

Pete Blacksmithing at the Nowthen Mn Threshing Show
Luckily for us blacksmiths, the local newspapers like to do "human interest" stories about threshing shows. The noisy activity of the blacksmith shop often "brings 'em in". This is a typical shot. ---me, again.

Pete Blacksmithing at Laura Ingles Wilder Days 2017
Artist David Winter did this ink and watercolor impression of me in my blacksmith stand during the 2017 Laura Ingles Wilder Days Celebration in September of 2017.

Retiremnt Poster- Pete to Retire TO Blacksmithing
I retired from 32 years with 3M company in 1996. The guys I worked with had this poster made for my retirement party. I must have mentioned something about my future plans when they commissioned the drawing.

11 foot high Dinisaur 1
11 Foot High Dinosaur 2
Above are two pictures of an 11 foot tall Tyranosaurus Rex that My son Rock Stanaitis built. I just went out into the snow and took some more pictures so you can see the ribs better:
T Rex Dinosaur 11 Footer, Front View
T Rex 11 Footer Rear View
Boy, it sure is hard to get a good picture of them!

18 Inch Dinosaur 1
Here is one that is about 18 inches long.
He has made them as small as 18" long and as large as 39 feet high.
Here is a short video about his 39 foot high Dinosaur:
Rock's 39 Foot High T-Rex Dinosaur