Hans Peot 2000 ABANA Gas Forge Update, Pete's Notes

Last Revised: October 23, 2023

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Hans Peot ran an update session on his Gas Pipe Forge designs at the Flagstaff ABANA conference in 2000. I attended that session. Since that forge has become so popular, and since we have many new blacksmiths out there who may not have heard about this forge, I hereby submit the notes that I took at that conference. You will find the rest of his update by backing up one page.

My notes:
-10" "Grain Pipe" is okay, but this kind of pipe is 10" OD whereas 10" water pipe is 10" ID.
-He also makes a 12" diameter version, setting 2" bricks sideways on the floor.
-Bigger forges need a door because firebricks become impractical. Doors should be SS and should be insulated.
-A 2 foot long forge can still be heated with a single burner.
-An 8" diameter forge uses a 1 1/2" pipe burner.
-Hans buys his blowers from the Surplus center.
-A longer burner is better than a short one.
-This style of burner won't work with a square forge.
-It has been suggested to coat the durablanket with ITC-100, a slurry type of product.