My Gilbert Erector Set Picture Gallery

Created: November 30, 2012
Last Revised: April 20, 2020

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Here below, are pictures of most of my small collection of Gilbert Erector Sets.

Individual Sets, Etc.:
Some of these sets are in the same condition today that they were when I got them. In some cases, have done some cleaning and some rust removal. In a few cases, I have added parts to complete a set.

Size 4 1/2 Gilbert Erector Set Size 5 1/2 Gilbert Erector Set
4 1/2 Set in Cardboard Box, 2 1/2 underneath it                             5 1/2 Set with two similar 10042 sets underneath

Gilbert 8 1/2 Erector Set, my best one Gilbert 8 1/2 Erector Set, a good one
My Best 8 1/2 set (sitting on another one). It came to me fully inventoried               A pretty good, well cared for 8 1/2 set

Gilbert 10 1/2 Erector Set Gilbert 12 1/2 Erector Set
One of two 10 1/2 sets. Okay box condition, missing a few parts       12 1/2 set, So-So Box, Missing a lotta parts

Erector Set Electromagnet, Home Made Boxes of Misc Gilbert Erector Set Parts
I made this electromagnet. Cover is from an old water meter             Boxes of Miscellaneous Erector Set Parts manuals, etc., that I have collected

Close up of Home Made Erector Set Box with misc parts Meccano Manual Cover Page
Close up of the really nice wooden box that someone made             Here's the cover of a 100 page "Meccano" manual: Forerunner to Erector

Meccano Manual Weaving Loom
One of the more complicated Mecanno Projects