Package Cart As A Portable Work Station

Last updated: April 20, 2020

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When going to a workshop where there isn't much table space, I have always felt uneasy piling things on the floor and then trying not to trip over them for a few days, while still being able to find what I need when I need it. So, I modified this $30 Harbor Freight package cart with a shelf that acts as a small table. This same package cart also makes it easy to haul the 2 or 3 pails of stuff from the vehicle to the workspace.
Basic Package Cart with Shelf

You can see that I can hang tongs, etc. from the brace and I can anchor my work light(s) to it also. If I need to hang more stuff from the work surface, I just add "C" clamps as needed.
Note that I have a pail sitting on the foot of the package cart as ballast. It is a MUST to keep about 20 pounds of something in there to keep the cart from tipping over. I use lead weights in the pail, but a few pieces of steel would accomplish the same thing.
Work Station Holding Tongs, etc..

Here I am using a tool box as the bottom "shelf". It has enough weight that I don't need any additional stability. You can also see that I am using a "C" Clamp to support a multiple outlet reel type extension cord. This allows me to connect several of my own appliances while using up only one outlet from the workshop that I am in.
Work Station Cart with Tool Box for Stability

Work Station Shelf Close up
This is just a close-up of the shelf in use. I'd have a lot more work space if I didn't have my little home-made belt sander on it!

Last Thoughts:

-The shelf brackets are simply held in place with hose clamps. This makes it easy to remove and install.
-I simply loosen the hose clamps to remove the brackets, while leaving them loosely attached for the next project.
-A friend made one, too, but he even added an additional shelf about a foot below the top shelf.
---What improvements will you add?