My JXQ-10A Getting Started Page

Last Revised: October 22, 2023

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Getting Started

So far I have removed the machine from the crate and set it down on one of those green "1000 pound capacity" HF wagons. I'm not sure it is up to task, but we will see. I will have to raise the whole thing up about an inch so the gasifier's ash door can swing open.

I am confused about the water supply. There seems to be a tall skinny internal water tank along the left side of the filter. It seems to be air tight. There are valves at the top and bottom of it. It surrounds the incoming hot gas stream, but doesn't seem to make much contact with those hot gases.

To better understand the instructions, I have started a CAD drawing of the unit. This should force me to understand all the internal components better. Making this drawing is necessitated by the fact that the patent drawings aren't anywhere close to what I see before me. I guess they have changed things for ease of mfr or to improve operation since the patent was granted?

Okay, so I have gotten a lot farther along with my measuring and I think I'm starting to get some answers.
Oh yes, I have followed all the weld seams that show up on the outside, but a few of them are misleading, so I'll take any knowledgeable input about the guts that I can get.

If you can add to my knowledge of this machine, please contact me.

If you are REALLY interested in what's inside, email me and we can converse about some of the CAD images I have draw so far. I know I got some surprises.
I wouldn't use any of my drawings for mfr'g one of these; they are for reference purposes only.

Here's What Came in the Box

It arrived in good shape. It came on a good pallet. Surprisingly to me, the box surrounding the unit is a metal tubing frame! The panels that cover it are like tempered masonite, about 3/8" thick, screwed to the metal with lotsa screws. The gasifier comes bolted to the frame and the filter is wired securely to it. As good a job of packaging as I have seen.