Woodgas to Electricity Update June 19, 2011

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Finally Made some Electricity!!!

JXQ-10 and Onan 6.5NH Making Electricity

Here you see the system running. This is a screen grab from one of the videos I made. You see the JXQ-10D in the background and over to the right rear, there's the green Onan 6.5KW NH generator on the floor.
In the lower foreground, you can see two 1500 watt "milkhouse" heaters. Tbey are both connected at this moment. Also connected are the two 400 watt lights in the center foreground and another 80 watt spot light., for a total of about 3.9KW, electric.
If you consider that the engine and generator set itself may take about 25% of the generator rating (about 1.5 KW) out of the fuel to run, then we can conclude that the JXQ-10 is delivering about 5.4KW of energy to the system at this moment.

I finally got some electricity out of the system this weekend. I had one run on Saturday and got 3.8KW out of a 6.5KW Onan genset for about 12 minutes of a 45 minute run. Then, on Sunday, I got about 2KW out of the same system over a run of about one hour (worse than the day before).
But I did get power.
I now know a lot of things that I didn't know before; plenty to do before the next run.
I have lots of notes and several videos. I just changed computers, so, for that and some other reasons, I can't yet edit the videos, but I will get to it.

So, if you are interested in this progress, email me (contact button above) and we can converse. Please do contact me, particularly if you have a JXQ-10!!!
I will update this page with details as I have time.