2021 Classes and Shows
T & C Latané

Updated: March 14, 2022

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Demonstrations and Events 2022

Feb. 12 Kitty teaching Zoom Tin Heart Ornament Workshop Vesterheim Folk School

April 22-24 Tom and Kitty Teaching at Tunnel Mill Crafts, Spring Valley, MN

May 13-15 Tom and Kitty Teaching at Vesterheim Folk School, Decorah, IA

May 31-June 4, Tom with Paul Nyborg Teaching at Tunnel Mill Crafts, Cabinet Door Wood and Hardware, Spring Valley, MN

June 5, Kitty Teaching at American Swedish Institute, Tin Boxes with Salvaged Tin, Minneapolis, MN

June 24-25, Tintinkers' Convergence, Archbold, OH

July 16, Stockholm Art Fair, Stockholm, WI

August 20-26, Tom and Kitty Teaching at Marc Adams School of Woodworking and Time Honored Crafts, Franklin, IN

Sept. 10-11, Laura Ingalls Wilder Days, Pepin, WI, Traditional Crafts Demonstrations

October 7-9, Fresh Art Tour, Pepin, WI, Ongoing Blacksmithing Demonstration in our Shop

Classes 2022

APRIL 22-24 PUNCHED TIN LANTERN With Kitty Tunnel Mill Crafts, Rochester, MN

Tunnel Mill Crafts

Pierced tin lanterns like this were common in Europe and the Americas from the 14th to 19th centuries.
They protect candles from the wind on shipboard and in barnyards, and the piercings provide charming twinkling light patterns. In this class students will cut pattern pieces from tinplate, punch the pieces with patterns of their choice, and fold, join and solder the parts to complete lanterns.

Kitty Latane' Pierced Tin Lantern

April 22-24 CANDLE-HOLDER WITH SAW-TOOTH TRAMMEL With Tom Tunnel Mill Crafts, Rochester, MN

Contact Tunnel Mill Crafts

Students will create a two candle chandelier with an integral saw tooth trammel for height adjustment.
Teeth of the trammel will be forged over the edge of the anvil. Drip pans will be forged from the material at the ends of the cross arm and dished to receive the candle cups riveted in their centers. The cross arm will be mortised to the trammel staff, a junction which can be ornamented with delicate scrolls above and below, depending on the on the desire and skill of each student A stirrup at the bottom of the trammel and a swivel loop at the top will complete the project.
Note: Some experience forge welding would be necessary for students welding up groups of scrolls.

Tom Latane' Candle Holder Saw Toothed Trammel

MAY 13-15 CRAFTING THE TIN LANTERN With Kitty Vesterheim Museum, Decorah, IA

Contact The Vesterhiem

A tin lamp from the Vesterheim collection serves as the inspiration for this class.
Starting with a flat sheet of tinplate, you will cut, shape, and solder tinplated steel to make a reproduction. The intricate designs will be made using a hammer and punches. Then the lantern will be formed from the pierced pieces. Patterns and guidance will be provided.

Kitty Lantane' Crafting the Pierced Tin Lantern

MAY 13-15 EMBOSSED HEART BROOCH With Tom Vesterheim Museum, Decorah, IA

Contact The Vesterheim

In this course, students will use traditional cold metalworking techniques to make a Scandinavian style brooch -
---an incredible heirloom to be passed down!
Participants will use a jeweler's saw to cut out a pattern of their own design (or they may use a provided pattern) to produce the heart-shaped brooch about 2" x 3". Students will then refine the edges with files. To enhance the work, the fronts of the metal hearts will be chased with steel stamps on anvils and embossing will be done from the back over wood blocks. Dangles may be added if desired. This heart brooch will have a hinged pin to pass through loosely woven or knitted fabric. Metalworking experience is strongly suggested. This class is ideal for those who have taken some metalworking or jewelry classes and want to learn some more detailed skills to take their craft to the next level.

Kitty Latane' Embossed Heart Brooch


Contact Tunnel Mill

Students will be divided in half with one group spending the day at the woodworking benches building and carving cabinet doors while the other group is at the forges making hardware for the doors.
Each student will get two days doing woodwork and two days forging hardware. The fifth day can be spent at whatever tasks each student needs to work. The shops are also open evenings. The cabinet bodies will be designed and completed by the students to fit their doors in their home work spaces.

The cabinet door construction will involve the use of hand tools to plane the surfaces of the boards and join them to produce a door with dovetailed cleats. After assembly, students will pull inspiration from historical references to complete a pierced carving to adorn the door.

The hardware will consist of small strap hinges for the door , each of which will pivot on a cross piece that will mount on the stile beside the door by means of a punched slot separating a strip of iron around which the end of the hinge is wrapped. This style goes back to the 17th century and earlier. Especially skilled or motivated students may forge a drop handle pull for the door; otherwise a wooden peg can be carved. Nail forging will be discussed and demonstrated.

Tom Latane' Pierced Cabinet Door and Hardware

June 5, RECYCLED TIN BOXES with Kitty

Contact American Swedish Institute 1-4 pm
Try out the art of working tin by making a small box from salvaged materials.
Students will cut and prepare tin recycled from olive oil cans and then assemble them into a small, lidded box suitable for holding all manner of trinkets. Students will leave with one or two boxes with lots of personality and a new understanding of the history and technique of tin work. Suitable for ages 14+

Kitty Latane Tin Box from Resycled Materials
Tin Box from olive oil can

Marc Adams School of Woodwork, Franklin, Indiana

Contact Marc Adams School of Woodwork

Students will design and cut strap or smaller hinges from 16 ga. sheet using chisels.
Hinge barrels will be rolled and tapered ends tucked behind the hinge, where they would be held by the first nail. (the same process is used when welding hinge barrels but these are not welded). Three knuckles will be cut with hack saw and chisel and filed to fit.

This project will be a good introduction to metalwork.
Students with more experience can find challenge in making more intricate designs and cutting more knuckles. Jewelers' saws could be used to pierce more intricate designs. Some chasing and simple embossing would be possible.

Tom Latane Antique Trunk Hinge

Photo shows an antique trunk hinge made the way that will be taught.
Class hinges will be smaller and need not be so complex.

Marc Adams School of Woodwork, Franklin, Indiana

Contact Marc Adams School of Woodwork

Students will forge, file, and assemble parts for a spring loaded lock with a tubular key.
This style lock has all the parts mounted on a back plate and the works are visible when the door is open. Students will roll and braze the tube for the key and fit it with a bit at one end and a collar and bow at the other. A simple ward box will be made with a center pin to support the key in its rotation. The bolt will be forged and front and back staples made to hold the bolt. The spring will be forged and heat treated. Parts will be joined by tenons, rivets, or brazing. Anyone wishing to make a passage door lock can do so by adding a handle to the back of the bolt so it can be drawn from the interior.

Tom Latane Hand forged Lock
Photo shows antique lock that will be used as a prototype.

Marc Adams School of Woodworking Franklin, IN

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Students will learn to follow a pattern to cut, bend, fold, pierce and join tinplate to make several projects including a pierced tin lantern.
Kitty Latane Working with Tin Plate

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