French Creek Valley Maple Syrup Cooking Metrics

Our Process Control Measurements

Last Revised 3/8/2010

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We Measure 5 things in the Main Syrup Cooking Process:

1. Sap sugar Content: (Roughly, Percent Sugar Content) (0-8degrees Brix for Sap Hydrometer).

2.Pan Depth Control: (Inch Stick)-We gravity-feed sap from a 1000 gallon storage tank through a 25 foot coil of 5/8" copper tubing (preheater) into the evaporator pan in a steady stream, regulated by a gate valve.
Goal is to maintain 1” +/- ¼” sap depth in pan.

3.Sap Feed Rate: (2 Cup liquid measuring cup calibrated in ounces; 0-16)
Number of Ounces in 28 seconds = Gallons Per Hour. When boiling rates are over about 15 GPH, we count out 14 seconds and multiply by 2 to get Gallons Per Hour

4. Stack Temperature: (Rutland “Magnetic” Burn Indicator, 0-800 degrees F.) Goal is to maintain the stack temperature between 650 degrees F and 725 degrees F. This range will produce a Boiling rate of 18-22 Gallons per Hour. Temperatures in the range of 475 Degrees F to 550 degrees F will produce a boiling rate of about 13 to 18 Gallon per Hour.

5. Syrup Sugar Concentration: (Syrup Hydrometer, 25 to 40 degrees Baume’). Goal is to produce syrup with a sugar concentration at 32 degrees Baume’ +/- ¼ degree Baume’.