Basic Blacksmith Tooling Made in Guild Workshops

Last Revised: April 18, 2020

Blacksmith Tools that I made early on

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The photo above shows a number of the tools I made during my first few years (about 1986 to about 1990) as a member of the Guild of Metalsmiths. If you don't recognize some of them and are curious about their use or their manufacture, contact me or the Guild of Metalsmiths for more information.

The Guild of Metalsmiths holds several educational sessions each year. Some years back I participated in a four year long series of Saturday workshops that were held between January and May of each year. Many of these workshops were focused on tool making. This allowed about 10 of us to build a nice set of basic blacksmithing tooling and then immediately apply these tools to the making of more sophisticated tools and to many "take-it-home-and show-it-off" projects.

Although I have collected many other tools since I started that workshop series, I still use these tools often. Knowing that I made them myself gives me a special feeling of "ownership" of the basic processes of blacksmithing.