Which is Better, Apple or Windows?

Created: November 21, 2012
Last Revised: October 23, 2023

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PC's as opposed to "Main Frame" Computing, Is Apple better than a Windows computer?

Obviously, the term "better" means different things to different people. But here is MY view:
But first, let's list some of the main uses for "computers" with a few examples of each, in general:
1.Supporting Productivity in the workplace and away from the workplace
Word processing
Writing Programs
Data Analysis

2. Managing media
Designing Graphics,
Processing and uploading (Youtube, etc.,) Videos Processing Photos

3. Playing Media

4.Connecting people, organizations and other computers together to transfer information
The internet
Hard wired connections
Wireless connections other than the internet

5. Playing computer/logic based games

6. Using the computer as a process controller or data gatherer
Using general purpose computers to gather machine data and direct machine operation
Special purpose imbedded computers, often using their own proprietary operating systems.

Looking at this list, items 3, part of item 4, and item 5 seem to be suited heavily toward mobile hardware these days.
So, if "Mobile" is your thing, you see a different world than I do.

Don't get me wrong; I am not a fan of Windows. Never was. But I saw the handwriting on the wall a long time ago.
--- "If you want to be in the mainstream, be compatible with the largest part of the world, and want to have access to the broadest range of programs, go with Windows."
If you doubt my "broadest range of programs" comment, just go to Ebay and look for new or used software.
In my experience, the highest percentage of just about anything is for Windows, with "Apple" coming in a poor. poor second. And, developers who want to make a good living, produce the Windows version of whatever-it-is first. Then (if they do it all) they might do an Apple version.

One person said that apple is better than windows because of connectedness.
I think he feels this way because all of his siblings use "i" products. Is he considering all of the additional uses above?

Others say that "apple" is best for managing media and graphics. I'd say that this probably once was true, but not anymore.

Another person thought that Apple was better because its operations system didn't change very often. I am not positive about this, but when I read about Apple products, there seems to be about as much discussion of the merits of this (Apple)OS vs an earlier one as there is for Windows. ---And that's not even including all the older, totally PC-incompatible versions.

I just today noticed that 62% of the MOBILE traffic to my website is from iOS operating systems (Apple) and 35% is from \ Android based systems. That would make "Apple" hugely popular in that environment.
But, 74% of my overall traffic is from Windows systems compared to only 17% from both iOS and macintosh combined.

There's no doubt that the world supplies more productivity software for the Windows computers than for the Apple computers.

I also think the many Apple users were biased that way by the flood of Apple computers into schools. Apple surely beat out the competition there!
But, in my experience, the school kids were not learning spreadsheets, project management systems or very much in the way of data analysis.

Apple users used to have a legitimate right to note that Windows computers were much more prone to hanging up, etc., until (approximately) the introduction of Windows 2000 or XP.

Maybe it's too soon to call it, but the world seems to be voting in favor of Windows computers by about 4 to 1 right now. Regardless of what you or I think.