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Process control electronics with arduino
Gasifier Datalogger, First Version
Using Arduino Mega2560

Revised: August 21, 2022

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Here are my computing, Arduino, electronics and process measurement/control topics:

Arduino project to record furnace on, off and total cycle times I needed to quantify the deadband of a new thermostat that was causing the furnace to run too often,
using a totally non-invasion sensing technique.
Here's the link to my youtube video that shows how it works:
Arduino-Based Furnace Blower Sensor

Chinese 1000 Watt, 1800 Watt and 2500 Watt ZVS Induction Heater Series:
Here I have dozens of webpages and youtube videos relating to these versatile induction heaters. This link takes you to my "notes" about the 1000 Watt Model, but also links to the many webpages and youtube videos about all three models and more.
ZVS Induction Heater Series

Arduino Based Engine Ignition Controller for some Small Engines:
I have been working on an ECU that will give me a wide range of ignition timing control for quite a while.
There are several Youtube videos on my channel that show my progress to date:
My Youtube ECU Playlist
From time to time, people ask me for the code and for a schematic of my current experimental system.
This is the code I am running as of December of 2017
I don't have very good version of my current schematic diagram.
Here is the basic setup that I am using:
Pete's Basic Ignition Controller wiring
I have substituted a "Two Tower" CNP pack for the Audi COP pack that you see in the drawing. And I have added 10K Ohm potentiometers
so that I can adjust timing "on the fly" and adjust coil charge time. You will be able to see where they connect from the code.

openenergymonitor's Energy Monitor (Pete's Portable, Current Only Version)

Current Transformer Power-On Sensor Circuit

Youtube Video, me winding Microwave Oven Transformer to Become a Bench Power Supply Using Multiple Enameled Wires ("Bifilar?" to the extreme)

Banggood DIY LM317 Adjustable Voltage Power Supply Board Kit and Modifications

My Arduino Page

My Arduino ATMega2560 Startup and Early Experiences

Wiring up Electronic Components on a Board

About my new (in 2012) Netbook Computer

Client Side Image Map Test using our South 40

Which is Best--- Apple or Windows?

How to get a ZT Computer into Safe Mode