ZT Computer Safe Mode

Created: November 9, 2011
Last Revised: October 22, 2023

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What nobody tells you about getting into Safe Mode if you have a ZT Computer

1.Turn the computer OFF! ---not restart
2.Turn it on and immediateley start tapping on the F8 key. Keep tapping until a blue dialogue box appears that says: 'Please Select Boot Device'. The first choice on my ZT computer starts with: 'CD-ROM-----'. You don't want that one.
The second choice on my ZT Computer starts with: 'SATA-3M-Samsung----'. That's the name of the main hard drive and that's the choice you will need to boot with.
On my ZT Computer, all the other choices start with: 'USB---'. You don't want any of them.
So, arrow down to that 'SATA-----' choice and hit 'enter'.
3. Immediately start tapping on the F8 key again until a black screen appears that has many options on it.
4. Choose the 'Safe Mode' option.

That's what it takes. Contact me if this didn't work for you.