15 Inch Asian Wood Planer

Created: June 13, 2018
Last Revised: October 23, 2023

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Operator's Manual for 15" Asian Planer

Here are links to the 16 pages of the operator's manual that came with the machine that I bought new, back in about 1986.
It has worked out pretty well for me.
Sorry, but I am not very good at pdf files, and besides. I wanted to make sure that the images are stored with the highest possible resolution:

Page 7 Depth of Cut, Anti-Kickback Fingers, Feed Roll Speed Control
Page 8 Adjustments, Adjusting Belt Tension, Knives
Page 9 Knives, Con't
Page 10 Adjusting: Feed Roll Spring Tension, Height of Outfeed Roll
Page 11 Adjusting Chipbreaker and Table Rolls
Page 12 Adjusting Cutter Head Parallel to Table
Page 13 Lubrication, Accessory Shaving Hood, Special Accessories
Page 14 Parts List
Page 15 Exploded View of Planer Parts
Gearbox drawing by Pete, for troubleshooting