My Home Woodworking Shop

Last Revised: October 21, 2023

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Examples of What we do in our Woodshop

History of our Woodshop

I started building this shop, inside of my main shop building, in early 2006.
As of December 28, 2006, I can finally move in to this shop. Here it is, as empty as anyone will ever see it!
Woodworking Shop, Empty

As of January 6, 2007, I have moved in. Here it is, filling up fast!
Woodworking Shop, with Stuff

It's now late November of 2010. I've added some used kitchen cabinets, a dust collection system and a bunch of stock.
My Wood shop looking east

Same date, looking toward the other end of the shop.
My wood shop looking west

Now it's August of 2016.
See how this shop has filled up. It's even getting hard to walk around. That's why I tell everyone that you can never build a shop that is too large!!!
Wood shop in 2016 looking east

Wood shop 2016 looking west

I recently revived a large old band saw that was made by the B. M. Root Company. It has 36" wheels and is about 8 feet tall.
Unfortunately, I didn't have room to fit it into this shop as I had planned, so I had to install it out in my wood storage building!
(See---- I told you that you can never build a shop that is too big!!!)
Here's what this band saw looks like today:
B M Root 36 inch wheel bandsaw
Here's my Youtube Playlist about the revival of this bandsaw

More later.