Blacksmithing How-To Articles

Last updated: March 28,2010

Pete at the anvil (62K)

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Here are a number of blacksmithing and metalworking articles, most of which I written, that I think are of general interest to many blacksmiths and metalworkers. They are listed here in no particular order, so you'll have to simply look down the list and click on anything that sounds interesting to you.

Annealing Steel in My Ash Bucket, an experiment with data for you

Fire Making with Flint and Steel

Heat Treating in a Coal or Gas Forge, One Approach

Hit it Red (Excellent hammer control exercise)

Hole Tapping, Where to Begin

Hole Tapping Tips

Hot Rolled vs. Cold Rolled Steel

Journeyman Blacksmith Skill Set

Calibrating Your Own Blacksmithing Skill Level

Leg Vise Smashed Finger for the Last Time

Passivating Stainless Steel, Some Ways to Do It

Propane Powered Leg Vise, A New Product Review

Answers to the Basic Blacksmithing Crossword Puzzle