What Price Should I ask for this trip hammer?

Last Updated: June 25, 2014

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Question: My Dad has an old trip hammer outside his shop. We were recently offered $500 for it. Is this a good price?

Pete's Answer:
It depends upon a number of things, as you might expect.
-Brand: Mayer Bros/Little Giant is easiest to bebuild because all parts are available for most models.
-Model and size: the 25 pound and 50 pound models sell the best, but if you have a 100- 500 pound hammer, it would command more $ than the smaller models.
-Condition: Is it in great shape or worn out? A freshly and well rebuilt 25 or 50 pound hammer may bring $2500 to $3500 or more.
-Rebuildability: If it's all there, and no major castings are cracked or serously worn, it commands more $. Less wear commands more $. In general, a Mayer Bros/Little Giant, 25 or 50 pound hammer if worn out, but in rebuildable condiiton will bring $750 to $1100 in today's market.

Location: These things weigh a lot, so the buyer will pay more if it's close to where he or she is located. There were a lot more of them sold in the midwest than on either coast, so people on the coasts will often pay more for them.

It also depends upon how many other people are clammering to buy YOUR hammer right NOW and upon how badly you need the money.
It could well be worth $1000 to a buyer that you can't locate, so what good is that? Are you in a position to advertise it and wait a while for a richer buyer?

If I was in the market for one right now, I'd want to get it as cheaply as possible, so I might offer you $500 too, just to test the waters.

If a person intends to buy a well used hammer and then to rebuild it, it's pretty easy to spend $1000 on parts, even if that person intends to do most of the work himself. And if that person doesn't have a complete machine shop, then it could cost another several hundred dollars for services that would have to be farmed out.
So there are a couple of reasons why there's a big difference between "rebuildable" and "ready to go to work".

It may be worth a phone call to me to get closer to what you should expect. I will be glad to address all the above issues, if you get me some of the above info. A couple of emailed pictures would truly be worth a thousand words. I am in western Wisconsin. 715-698-2895.