Rear Drive Shaft Pin Replacement

Last Revised: April 19, 2020

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On Narrow Frame Cubs, the spring pin that connects the transmission input shaft to the collar on the drive shaft from the engine sometimes shears. When this happens, it is pretty tough to get the pieces of the broken pin out and to get a new pin properly located unless the frame already has an access hole for a punch.

It seems that some narrow frame Cubs already have an access hole in the left side of the frame and some don't.

Here are two examples of models in my collection that DO have the holes, one with a cover plate and one without it. Cub Cadet rear pin access hole, narrow frame

If there is no access hole, I have drilled a 7/16" diameter hole in the top of the frame, in line with the hole in the transmission shaft. Now I can insert a 1/4" diameter 8" long tool steel drift through that hole and align it with the pin in the shaft to drive out the broken parts.

It also works in reverse to drive in the new pin. To aid in holding the new pin at the correct angle, I made up a 3/8" drift with a 1/4" diameter, 1/2" deep receess in one end to support the pin while I drive it into the collar. I drive the pin with this tool as far as I can, then drive it the rest of the way with my 1/4" drift.

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