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Last Revised: October 23,2023

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I'll be adding to this page whenever I find useful rural/consumer vehicle maintenance ideas.
Many of my other pages have maintainence information for other types of machines and equipment, but this area of our website is primarily for wheel-driven machines like cars, pickup trucks and farm tractors.

Battery Maintenance
I have over 25 lead acid batteries to maintain and here's how I keep them alive as long as I can.

About Oil Change Intervals
I think (almost) all of us change our automibile's engine oil too often. Here's why I feel that way.

Removing Stuck Bolts and Nuts
Rusted and otherwise stuck fasteners are a fact of life for most of us. This is my tutorial on what to do about it.

Replacing Chevy tailgate Welded on Hinge
Here's my solution for changing out the welded-on tailgate hinges.

Using the Armature Growler, youtube link
I read a lot and saw a lot of videos about using the "Armature Growler" and still didn't really understand it. Here's my different approach to understanding and using one.

Cub Cadet Garden Tractors, Narrow Frame
We have been using these old 1960's and 1970's Cub Cadet for lawn mowing since 1978!
Here I get into lot of detail about maintaining them.

My Ugly Tractors Page
This is just an overview of my old tractors, with a bit of maintenance stuff thrown in.