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Blacksmithing,Treadle Hammers, Trip Hammers, Anvils and more

   Pete's Blacksmithing How-To Articles
       How to Get Started in Blacksmithing
        Annealing Steel in My Ash Bucket, an experiment with data for you
       Fire Making with Flint and Steel
       Firestriker Shapes
       Fire Striker Materials
       Heat Treating in a Coal or Gas Forge, One Approach
       Hit it Red (Excellent hammer control exercise)
       Hole Tapping, Where to Begin
       Hole Tapping Tips
       Hot Rolled vs. Cold Rolled Steel
       Journeyman Blacksmith Skill Set
       Calibrating Your Own Blacksmithing Skill Level
       Leg Vise Smashed Finger for the Last Time
       Passivating Stainless Steel, Some Ways to Do It
       Product Review, Propane Powered Leg Vise
       Coal Forge Vs Gas Forge?
       Drilling & Tapping Guide Block
       Measuring Areas With a Pocket Knife
       Starting the Coal Forge w/One Sheet of Newspaper
       A Self Centering Scriber for stock up to about 2" wide
       How much does that piece of steel Weigh?
       3 Legged Saw Horses and Winding Sticks
       Anvils Made from Sections of Railroad Rail
       Badger Blacksmiths
       Drilling Bigger Holes by hand without harming yourself
       Making Coal Shovel Blades w/the Roger Lorance Swage Block
       Making a Pierced Tin Lantern with Sturbridge Village Plans
           Pierced Tin Lantern History
       Miner's Lamp Project
       A Portable Workstation to take with you
       Making Tiny Tomahawks
       Nailmaking, "Square" Nails
       Electrolytic Derusting
       Baking Soda or Washing Soda as an Electrolytic Derusting Electrolyte?
       Archimedes Scroll Design Program
       Video: How Roger Degner makes a Hollow Anvil and Hollow Swage Block

       Click here for info on preparing an anvil for me to grind
       Harbor Freight 110# cast steel anvil

   Gas Forge, Make Your Own, Hans Peot Style; Learn About Propane Here
       Gas Forge Plans for the "Original", Page two, Construction Notes
       Update Notes by Pete, from a Hans Peot update at the ABANA 2000 Conference at Flagstaff
       Hans' Updated Construction Notes for the above Alternate items
       Click Here for Some Gas Forge DESIGN Considerations
       About OPD Valves
       Methods of Refueling Propane Cylinders

   16th Century Gothic-Design Steel Chest Project
       Using Nails as Rivets

   Poor Man's Hydraulic Press

   Blacksmith Crossword Puzzles for You to Solve
       Basic Blacksmithing Crossword Puzzle
       Forging and ABANA Trivia Crossword Puzzle
       Iron Alloy Crossword Puzzle
       Little Giant Triphammer Facts Crossword Puzzle

   My Shop (Really Our Shops)
       My Metalworking Shop
       A Poor Man's Hydraulic Press

   16th/17th century Padlock Project


       Pete's Modified "Scraping" process for reshaping worn Die Cavities
       Click Here to find out how to differentiate the styles of Litttle Giant/Mayer Brothers Hammers from one another
       Click HERE to see my Easy Hammer (Before and After) and to find out how I went about rebuilding it
       What Kind of Foundation do I Need for my 25# or 50# Powerhammer?
       What's this old trip hammer worth?
       How do you replace Clutch Facings on the Old Style Little Giant 50# Hammer?
       Sid's new Little Giant Website
       New DVD on Rebuilding Power Hammers
   Treadle Hammers
       Some Other Swing Arm Treadle Hammers to Look at
       Upper tool holder info

   Basic Tools Made in Guild workshops

   Ironwork and Blacksmithing Galleries
       Iron Work on Isla Mujeres, Mexico, Page 1
       Iron Work on Isla Mujeres, Mexico, Page 2
       Iron Work at the Avalon Grand, Cancun Mexico
       European Tooling Gallery 1
       A few Miscellaneous Pictures

Circular Sock Knitting Machines

Computing At Our House
   About my new Netbook Computer
   Client Side Image Map Test using our South 40
   How to get a ZT Computer into Safe Mode

Cub Cadet Page
   -The Engine-to-Deck belt keeps coming off
   -What to look for in a used Cub Cadet (narrow frame)
   -My Drive-on Grease Rack makes servicing easy
   -Loose Steering Because of worn out Knuckle and Arm, how to fix
   -Engine starts and runs, but lacks power until warmed up for 10 minutes
   -The "Unofficial" Cub Cadet site
   -The rear Drive Shaft drive pins are hard to replace- add a little hole, another off-road vehicle

Fractions, the WHOLE process on one page!!!

   Sawn Lumber, Summer, 2009
   Maple Syrup
   Black Walnuts

French Creek Valley Activities
   Controlled Burn of Part of our Prairie, May 4, 2009
   Beaver Pond and Dead Trees, 2011
   Hay Barn Collapse and restoration

Gas Producer and Woodgas Page
   Gas Producer Experiments
       JXQ-10 Emails, from users
       10 Minute Video Taken Saturday, 6/18/2011 Gasifier fueling Onan generator
       Woodgas to Electricilty Update (Added 6/19/2011)
       Woodgas to Electricilty Update (Added 11/10/2010)
       Wood Shredding Progress and Generator Integration To Date (Added 8/3/2009)
       Questions and Answers from First Test Results (Added 8/3/2009)
       My Questons & Answers Page
       My Updates Page
       First Test of the System, April 20, 2009
       Getting Started Page
   1939 British Gasifier Report

Home Energy
   How to Know When to Change a Furnace Filter
   Does a Setback Thermostat Save Money?

How to Succeed at Work or: Lay-off, How to Avoid

Machine Knitting

My Machine Shop
   How to Use a Metalworking Chop Saw
   How to Remove Seized Bolts and Nuts
   1940's Motor Carts

Maple Syrup
   Maple Syrup FAQ
   Click Here for Ordering Information

My Shop (Really Our Shops)
   My Metalworking Shop    Storing My Stock
   Electric Stairs, Details of the Hinges

Onan Gensets, Reviving two NH Models and one 30EK
   NH/BG Control Board Upgrade Info
   Starter Solenoid Choices

Reasoninng, Problem Solving & Decision Making for anyone
   Reasoning, Problem Solving, Decision Making and Selling Your Ideas
   Learning and Teaching Problem Solving Techniques
   The Art of Invention


Search Engine Optimization

Solar Energy

Solitaire, How I Plan to Win
   Click here for an explanation of how the rules work
   Click here for THE RULES

Spinning Yarn

Tom & Catherine Latane Home Page
   Upcoming Classes and Shows
   For Sale
   Gallery of Latane Work
   Visit Our Shop in Pepin Wisconsin

Vacation Page, Tips for Surviving a Mexican Vacation and More
   Isla Mujeres Ironwork Pictures
   IslaMujeres & The Avalon Reef Club
   Making Marquesitas
   Making Pizzas in a Stone Oven

Vehicle Maintenance
   Battery Maintenance
   About Oil Change Intervals

Videography (on an Amateur Basis)

Whatzits, new as of September 23, 2011